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July, 22

Tuscany at Expo: an initial evaluation

Last day of Tuscany in Shanghai. Regional stand was one of the most visited


July, 16

The day of the Tuscan Health

The Regional Conference on Health at the Hilton Hotel in Shanghai. 70 businesses on mission to China

Shanghai 2010: an innovative Tuscany takes the scene

Tuscany Region will take part in the Expo in Shanghai from today until 20 July with a focus on the future. Tuscany Region will have a specific and ambitious goal in China: setting up a stable partnership with the Asian country by the end of the year to facilitate the institutional and economic relations between the two territories. This is why the Economic Promotion Agency “Toscana Promozione”, assigned by the Regional Authorities to deal with and coordinate the Tuscan representation at the exposition, has created a programme of collateral events on three main themes: the science of living and health; the pleasure and joy of living and the quality of life; innovative culture and technology. These events will ensure that Tuscan involvement will stretch beyond the fifteen days participation and physical presence at the Expo.

The heart of our regional presence will be a stand of 190 m2 on the second floor of the Italy pavilion, characterised by a video installation display on renewable energy and sustainable development by Olivo Barbieri, an internationally renowned photographer and video artist. This is an initiative combining three fundamental characteristics of our territory: historical and artistic tradition, innovation and the quality of life. These three aspects make a concrete model of the “Better City, Better Life” theme which the Shanghai exposition is based around.

The Director of Toscana Promozione, Stefano Giovannelli, commented, “The choice of a contemporary artist to provide an image of Tuscany is based on our Agency’s desire to reposition the regional brand on international markets, focusing on the high capacity for innovation characterising our region, which is too often not as appreciated as it should be abroad.” Mr Giovannelli continued, “Until now, Tuscany’s image has been too closely linked to the prestige of a past so illustrious it is often a burden. However, we now need to find the right balance between the “Tuscan postcard”, based on monuments that are unique in the world and beautiful landscapes, and a modern, dynamic and innovative Tuscany. Obviously, in doing this, we must not relegate the heritage of our past, which is a vital added value.” The Director of Toscana Promozione concluded by stating, “The operation we are setting up for the Expo is a different way of interpreting our past. We are not merely highlighting our past memories but are aiming to bring to life the innovative spirit that has made Tuscany one of the capitals in terms of Western development.”

The programme planned by Toscana Promozione for the Shanghai Expo is based on this logic, and is rich in memories of its tradition interpreted in a technological context. For example, the first two meetings held by the Regional Authority at the end of June are an example of this: the “Cities & Cultural Heritage” conference /24-25 June), dedicated to innovation in terms of cultural heritage, and the “Uffizi Virtuale. A new experience with art” exhibition, opened on 27 June at the Shanghai Art Museum which, thanks to nine multimedia installations with large touch screens, enables visitors to admire in detail all the marvellous works of art on display in the Uffizi Gallery. During July, the programme planned by Toscana Promozione will culminate in the presentation on 16 July dedicated to the regional sanitary system and a Policy School project aimed at Chinese administrators and realised in collaboration with Emilia Romagna Region, the University of Ferrara, the University of Florence, Confindustria Toscana and the main Tuscan firms in the Biotech sector.

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